Union of the Blind in Bulgaria

ssbThe Union of the Blind in Bulgaria is a nonprofit organization founded in 1921. That makes it one of the oldest organizations for the blind in Europe. The Union of the Blind in Bulgaria is seeking to raise the public statusof people with visual disabilities by:


  • using organization’s public influence in the development of national social policies;
  • preventing discriminatory practices and the drafting of discriminatory regulatory documents;
  • supporting the process of education, training and retraining;
  • organizing:
  • public services for social rehabilitation and integration;
  • provision of adequate facilities for the home, work and training of seeing impaired people;
  • cultural and sports – tourist activities, creating clubs and sections of interest to its members;
  • publishing, printing and recording activities to ensure access to information for people with visual disabilities;
  • administrative and legal services;
  • dialogue with the state and municipalities to ensure employment opportunities in conventional and adapted working conditions;
  • training and assistance for the development of members’ own businesses;
  • supporting young people with their social life;
  • development and participation in projects and programs that contribute to the integration of the organization’s members
  • interaction with the institutions, responsible for the development of an accessible architectural, transportation and communication environment.
  • acquisition and management of mobile and immovable property necessary for the activities of the Union;
  • carrying out different additional economic activities, the revenues from which are then invested in achieving the abovementioned goals;

The association achieves its goals and carries out its main activities through:

  • creating regional and local structures covering all municipalities in the country;
  • granting membership of The Union of the Blind to persons with impaired vision, sighted people and associate members.
  • cooperating with state and municipal institutions and non-profit organizations;
  • being a member of national and international organizations of and for people with disabilities;
  •  maintaining good relationships with similar organizations at home and abroad.

For more information on the various activities of The Union of the Blind, please visit their website http://ssb-bg.net

Despite the huge efforts by the organization, the current situation of the blind in Bulgaria needs significant improvement. Currently the members are about 16,000. Only 0.03% of them work, 44% are with primary and 0.6% with higher education. Serious problems for them are poverty, the inaccessible environment, the lack of career development, limited opportunities for physical activity.

Union of the Blind of Bulgaria – Central Board

172, Nishka Str.

Sofia 1309, Republic of Bulgaria


Mr. Vasil Trifonov Dolapchiev, President

Phone: +359-2-812-7050

Fax: +359-2-812-7049

E-mail: ssb@sofianet.net


Mr. Kevork Kabzamalyan, Head Int’l Relations Dpt.

Phone: +359 2 812 7030

Fax: +359 2 812 7029

E-mail: kkevo@mail.bg