tpmWith the help of the visually impaired persons, who will advise you on directing your attention and employing your other senses, you can enjoy games such as darts and chess or you can just sit comfortably at one of the tables and have a drink in the common rooms of the Blind Persons Association of Zagreb. All with a blindfold, of course.  By spending time with us, you will find out how hard it is to cut the food on your plate, take a bite, or recognize the objects you are surrounded by every day without relying on your sight.

The TyphlologyMuseum is situated in Draškovićeva 80 as well, and as part of its permanent exhibition it offers a so-called dark room, which is, as the name implies, completely dark. In the time we spend together, we will visit the dark room where you will have the opportunity to identify various sounds, materials and sculptures.