This is a collaborative project, bringing together a number of wonderful people and organizations.  Here you can learn more about them


Meet your blind guides

These are the people who will lead you through a labyrinth of different experiences during the events in Croatia and Bulgaria....more


Meet the starter team

We are a team of people who met for the first time in September 2012 on the “flow” festival in Rousse and accidentally dreamt up “Seeing through the dark”...more


Union of the Blind in Bulgaria

The Union of the Blind is providing organizational assistance to the project....more


Zagreb Association for the Blind and Typhlological Museum Zagreb

The Museum and the Association kindly provide space and organizational assistance for the project in Zagreb....more


National Museum of Natural History, Bulgaria

The Museum has provided us with organizational assistance, venues for meetings and rehearsals, and will host one of the events in Sofia....more


Eyes on Four Paws

The Eyes on Four Paws team believes that Bulgaria needs a school that prepares leader dogs for disabled people – and they have created one....more


Unseen Theatre

A number of blind guides in Sofia are also actors in an amazing theatre troupe. The director of the troupe is helping us develop our events. ...more