Vitosha Walk

vitoshaForest sounds and smells and the soft earth under your feet, as you walk, step by step, on an easy mountain path. You must be careful, as you are blindfolded, and all your senses, different from sight, suddenly become more important.

Join us on a mountain adventure on the path above Zheleznitsa village on the 1st of September, 2013, Sunday. We will be waiting for you at the last stop of bus number 98 at 12 o’clock. From there, we embark on a trip, in which the seeing impaired leaders of the group will show you the way and how to deal with an unknown world. Of course, there will also be seeing onlookers, so you don’t have to worry whether you’ll trip and so you can focus on your senses. After we finish our walk, we will have a picnick by the river and will talk about what happened to us or about whatever we feel like.


01/09/13,12:00 – Meeting at the last stop of bus No. 98 in the centre of Zheleznitsa village. From there, we go up, following the easy path to the nice area around the river above the village (see the satellite image below). The distance is relatively short (under 30 minutes, if you are not blindfolded), so you can also find us on the way, if you are late.

How to get there?

Bus No. 98 passes through the stops “Seminaria”, “Hladilnika” and “Okolovrasten pat” (Ring Road). Its route crosses the Ring road at the junction with the road to Dragalevtsi village. For more information, consult the Sofia city transport map here.

From the “Seminaria” stop, it takes about 50 minutes to Zhelezhitsa; from “Hladilnika” – about 40 minutes. On Sundays, the bus goes every half hour. The schedule can be found here.

And if you have any questions, call this number: 0888 791 934 (Savina)

directions zheleznitsadirections zheleznitsa