Eyes on Four Paws

eyes4Physical freedom is so natural, that you can appreciate it only when you lose it.  We won’t use this space to explain at length the foundation’s mission documents.

Simply, we believe that Bulgaria needs the school which instructs guide dogs for people with disabilities.

We believe that, by means of our coordinated and targeted actions and, of course, with your help, we can lead the school that prepares guide dogs for blind people – an already established unique project in Bulgaria -  towards its full potential

A simple note for the skeptics: There are 18000 blind Bulgarian citizens and over 200 000 blind people on the Balkans.

With their special skills and limitless love, available 24/7, the qualified guide dogs can save hundreds of blind people from the lonely prison of blindnesss.

The school for guide dogs of the “Eyes on four paws” foundation exists since 2001 and has trained 43 dogs who currently assist their visually impaired owners. Since 2013 “Eyes on four paws” is a member of the International Guide Dog Federation.

For more information about the team and on how you can assist (especially by taking care of future guide dogs in their childhood years) go to the website of foundation.

Open Your Eyes

With time, the Eyes on Four Paws team recognized that just having a guide dog is not enough; as a matter of fact, hotels, banks, restaurants and other institutions often prevent disabled people accompanied by their dogs to access their spaces despite legal prescriptions.  For this reason the team started the Open Your Eyes campaign, aimed to incite companies and institutions towards cooperation.  For more information on the campaign,please visit their website.