National Museum of Natural History, Bulgaria

nppmThe National Museum of Natural History of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is a national institution, dealing with the creation and preservation of scientific collections from the nature of Bulgaria and the world.  Its main priorities include studying biodiversity, environmental protection, and evolution.  The museum has the largest exhibit of animals, plants, and minerals on the Balkan Peninsula, displayed on the four floors of its building on Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. in Sofia.

Apart from its research programme, the museum is also actively involved in cultural and educational activities:

  • The museum is a host to the annual European night of the bats, as a member of the EUROBATS Agreement.
  • Since 2011, the museum is a venue for the future artists from the 144 School “Narodni buditeli”, as part of the annual Sofia Paper Art Fest, organized by the Amateras foundation.

There are many photo exhibitions in the museum, which are traditionally connected to nature (E.g. “Bulgaria-Taiwan: Travelling with the birds” – a photo exhibition of K.K.Kuo, a nature-lover from Taiwan; “The Antarctic: The clean land”  by the young photographer Milena Marincheva, who took part in the 20th Bulgarian expedition to the Antarctic, lead by Prof. Christo Pimpirev etc.)

The museum is also venue for art exhibitions by Bulgarian naturalists and animalists (E.g. “The music of the forest” – an exhibition by 12 artists – naturalists, devoted to the Year of the forest (2010); an exhibition with the original paintings of Georgi Pchelarov, used in the Field Identification Guide “The Birds of the Balkan Peninsula”)

Presentations and installations take place in the museum as part of different events.   For example, this year, the museum was included in the programme of the Festival for contemporary art “Sofia Contemporary” with the interactive installations for kids (and not only) of studio REACTIV – “A Little House”, and “Draw me a sheep”

The museum is open 361 days per year, from 10 to 18h.

Museum closed on: 1. January, 3. March, Easter, 25. December.


No. 1, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Telephone Number/fax: 029882894

e-mail: contact@nmhs.com

web-page: www.nmhs.com