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Асоциация на слепите в Загреб и Тифлоложки музей, Загреб

assocZagreb Association of Blind Persons was founded in September 1947 as part of the Croatian Association of the Blind, with the purpose of uniting blind and visually impaired persons from the Zagreb City and County areas. At the end of 2012, the Association numbered 1224 members, making it the largest association of the visually impaired in the Republic of Croatia. Organized activities of the Association take care of common interests of its members, and contribute to improving their general social position. The general aim of the Association’s activities is to enable an independent life for the visually impaired, as well as to prevent their institutionalization and create the basic conditions for their successful participation in the local community activities.

Special attention is paid to the domains of education, employment, housing and other prerequisites for independent and self-sufficient living. The program for training the visually impaired for an independent life is held each year through the following activities: everyday skills course, computer training course, Braille course and self-reliant walking course. Other courses, whose enactment depends on the finance, include foreign language courses, dance classes and art workshops. The Association holds various lectures, meetings and field trips for its members. Around 150 members of the Association actively participate in the activities of the clubs and societies within the Association.

The largest portion of the activities of the Zagreb Association of Blind Persons is financed by the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, the Zagreb County and the cities in the county. The Association has recently turned to other sources of financing and has been applying its projects for various foundations and is preparing to apply for EU funding.


(Goran Denis Tomašković, MA)

 Clubs and societies within the Association

„Zagreb“, Sports Club of the Blind

„Polet“, Chess Club of the Blind

„Zagreb“, Goalball Club of the Blind

„Sound“, Darts Club of the Blind

„Louis Braille“, Radio Club of the Blind

„Friends of the Mountains“, Mountaineering Association of the Blind

„New Life“, Drama Club of the Blind and the Visually Impaired

VAUS, Vocal Ensemble of the Zagreb Association of Blind Persons